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Back to the beginning ... new Hurtigruten ship named MS Spitsbergen

Hurtigruten, the Norwegian explorer cruise company, has named its new ship MS Spitsbergen after the largest island in the Svalbard Archipelago where the company's founder, Richard With, first started explorer tourism in the Arctic.

The name was chosen following a competition in which more than 15,000 suggestions were submitted from all over the world.

MS Spitsbergen
How the MS Spitsbergen will look when she explores the the Svalbard Archipelago

Hurtigruten’s CEO, Daniel Skjeldam, said today: “We find MS Spitsbergen to be a very appropriate name as it ties together our history and present-day Hurtigruten. As early as in 1896, Hurtigruten foun’er and tourism entrepreneur Richard With built a hotel in Spitsbergen and established ‘The Sport route” with sailings from Hammerfest to Spitsbergen, operated by steamship DS Lofoten.

“Having built on this heritage, today we are world leading operator of nature-based experiences along the Norwegian coast, in the waters around Antarctica and in the Arctic.”

In a fast fast growing industry, MS Spitsbergen adds greater flexibility to Hurtigruten’s global operations as the company now operates two ships offering guests unique nature and culture experiences around the poles as well as 11 ships along the Norwegian coast.

In the high North, Hurtigruten now offer voyages around Greenland and Iceland, as well as around Spitsbergen. In the extreme South, Hurtigruten sail guests from South America to the waters around Antarctica.

MS Spitsbergen will initially replace MS Midnatsol on Hurtigruten’s traditional coastal route when she sails down to Antarctica in Autumn 2016. In future it is expected the new addition will alternate between the coastal route and polar expeditions.

The winner of the naming contest, who will be the captain’s guest on a special sailing of MS Spitsbergen, was Erlend Baldersheim, 33, from the village of Baldersheim, close to Bergen.

The newest addition to the fleet will have a capacity of 320 guests and 180 berths. The guest area will offer stylish cabins and modern common areas, making it possible to experience the spectacular polar scenery in comfortable surroundings.

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