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Holland America’s Volendam races to rescue of 70 passengers stranded in Alaska

Holland America's Voldendam has rescued 70 holidaymakers from a disabled sightseeing boat in Alaska.

While en route to Margerie Glacier in Glacier Bay on Sunday, Volendam responded to a distress call from the 79-ft sightseeing vessel Baranof Wind, which struck a rock near Russell Island disabling its steering and propulsion and causing the boat to take on water.

The ship lowered a tender, which collected 69 tourists and one Glacier Bay park ranger and returned to Volendam, where the passengers were cleared through security, given a safety briefing and then provided a meal. Volendam continued on to Margerie Glacier following the rescue.

Volendam Alaska rescue
Crew of the Volendam, below, prepare to launch a tender to rescue the stranded passengers
volendam of Holland America Line

“It’s the code of the sea to provide assistance in an emergency, and Captain Peter Bos and his crew responded quickly and professionally to render aid to the passengers of Baranof Wind,” said Stein Kruse, the Holland America Line president.

“We are proud of our officers and crew, and this is shining example of how our training prepares us to react to any situation.”

Volendam rendezvoused with an Allen Marine boat in the ecening to transfer the rescued passengers back to Bartlett Cove, where their excursion originated. The ship proceeded on to its next port call at Ketchikan, where it was expected to arrive on schedule today.

The US Coast Guard thanked the crew of Volendam for their quick response to the emergency.

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