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Silver Discoverer

A vessel that goes off the beaten track in search of adventure

Silversea’s third expedition ship, Silver Discoverer, which launched on 2 April, 2014, offers voyage itineraries that delve deeper into unseen cultures and make remote regions that are relatively untouched by Western influences more accessible.

The ship sails through Micronesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, East Asia and Russian Far East, Southeast Asia, The Kimberley region of North-West Australia and New Zealand Sub-Antarctic.

The itineraries, created by Silversea’s Director of Expedition Planning & Strategic Development Conrad Combrink, have a specific focus on ports of call that have never before been visited by other cruise lines.

Silver Discoverer

Conrad Combrink has spent the last few years exploring these regions to create the collection of unique and diverse experiences the new ship will offer. During his time in the region he has enlisted the support of native tribes and local authorities to secure future visiting permits exclusively available for Silversea guests.

Some of Discoverer’s unique experiences

  • The small, unpopulated island in Kimanis Bay, off the Western coast of Malaysia, is famous for its active mud “volcanoes” at the highest part of the island. The mineral-rich mud is thought to have therapeutic properties and visitors are encouraged to slather themselves in it before diving into the ocean for a dip.
  • The Tun Sakaran Marine Park (also known as the Semporna Islands Park), just 20km off the Semporna mainland, is the largest marine park in Sabah and boasts the greatest concentration of coral reefs in Malaysia. Guests have a unique diving opportunity.
  • The Bay of Islands, commonly regarded as New Zealand’s birthplace, is a dynamic, sub-tropical region which is made up of 144 Islands fringed by bush land and punctuated by the occasional village. During a day of exploring the Waitangi wharf, guests are treated to an authentic hangi feast, which is cooked in an underground pit oven and shared with the Maori tour guides. The group will also undertake a Waka activity that provides a rare and unique insight into ancient Nga Puhi tribal customs, rituals and traditions before paddling in a 50 ft Maori Waka (canoe) on the tidal estuaries of the Waitangi River to the Haruru Falls.
  • Sumba has resisted the advances of the modern age making it a fascinating island to explore, especially West Sumba where ancient tribal rites are best preserved. During the visit to villages, the group will witness a funeral rite ceremony where by the Sumbanese honour the dead by dragging massive stone graves a great distance to construct mausoleums for the departed. The group will also witness a fierce martial arts performance on horseback.
  • At Palmerston Island, guests are greeted by the entire Palmerston community and will be witness to a number of speeches, prayers and church songs. During the tour of the island, small groups will be introduced to the church, the school, the underground gardens and “Duke’s Pool” where there will be an opportunity to swim and snorkel.
  • A helicopter flight circling Bora Bora will enable guests to witness spectacular views of lagoons fringed with white sandy beaches and multiple islets. The helicopter will fly low over the reef to see rays and sharks skimming through the water before climbing over the islands green peaks.
  • New Zealand’s White Island is unique in that 70 per cent of its volcanic activity remains under the sea, making this massive volcanic structure the largest in New Zealand. Guests are guided through the history of the volcanic formations, while viewing the surreal spectacles: hissing fumaroles, lava bombs, glittering yellow sulphur crystals, bubbling mud pots and a spectacular steaming lake.

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